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A complete guide to research papers writing

  1. How to write a research paper: a step-by-step guide
    1. Research the topic
    2. Research the sources
    3. Organise your information
    4. Craft the outline
    5. Compose the introduction
    6. Compose the body
    7. Compose the conclusion
  2. How not to write a research paper?

A research paper is an academic paper where you provide the results of your own investigation regarding a specific topic. It can be a master’s paper or even a dissertation. Your knowledge is not enough to craft an A+ paper, you will need to read and analyze dozens of reliable resources. This task may make you spend long sleepless nights over the project. We know how hard it can be to cope with such a complicated writing task, so we’re always ready to assist you

We are a team of experienced writers. We have written over a hundred of research papers for students from different countries. Placing an order will take a few minutes of your time and it will save you from hard work. Here’s the variant of how we can provide you research paper writing services:

  • You place an order on the website and indicate all the requirements;
  • We find you a research paper writer that will fit your requirements;
  • The writer does the research and writes the text of the paper;
  • You get the research paper in time and offer some edits if needed.
Get a high-quality text from the best research paper writing services.

How to write a research paper: a step-by-step guide

In this section of the page, we’ll give you a complete guide to write a good research paper. You will see how to craft the paper from scratch. Follow the guide from the first step to the last one or pick up only the steps that you need for the paper.

Research the topic

Many students treat this stage of research papers writing as the easiest one and they face a lot of difficulties when doing the research in the future. Your goal here is to find the topic that hasn’t been discovered before, but the one that will give you the chance to find enough reliable sources. Your topic should be up-to-date and it should be interesting for your readers. It’s a big misconception to think that no one will ever read your paper. The right topic will make people look inside.

A research paper writer always does the research when crafting a paper

Research the sources

Start your research with crafting a list of primary and secondary sources. The first list include books, articles from scientists or famous researchers and all the recommendations from your professor. The second list will include the rest of sources that are somehow related to the topic, but you cannot fully rely on them. It means you can use information for analyzing the topic from various points of view to come to your own conclusion.

Organise your information

There are three major ways of how you can keep all the information in order:

  • Taking notes;
  • Prioritizing your information from the most to the least relevant;
  • Making bibliography cards.

If you don’t try to put everything in order, you will have to start your research somewhere from the middle as you won’t be able to keep in mind so much data. You can use a pen and your notebook or you can use any software for planning or word processing.

Craft the outline

When you have everything in the right order, it’s time to plan your paper and think how it will look like. An outline is a detailed plan where you will add quotations, some core statements and the thesis. If you order only an outline from the research paper writing service, you will easily craft the text as you will get the background information that you will complete. Your outline should represent the structure of your paper with as much detail as possible.

Read the tips to write a research paper with ease.

Compose the introduction

Start your paper with writing how important the topic of your research is. Give your readers a few reasons why they should view your paper. Write a few sentences about prior researches that you have found during the research stage. And finish the introduction with the thesis statement. Express the core idea of the paper and your position towards it. Don’t make any hints at the conclusions as your readers will lose their interest.

Compose the body

Use the outline and write each section of the body separately. We recommend you using a ladder of abstraction technique. It means to start with general information and finish with some specific facts. You can do it within one section. To make your text readable, divide it into paragraphs. Use transitions between them to make them logically connected. When you finish, read the text and think if it’s easy to understand.

Compose the conclusion

Make a summary of the thesis statement and all the arguments that you have provided in the body part of the paper. Professional research paper writers always write one phrase about the significance of the research to remind readers about it. You can finish your paper in a traditional way by stating of there’s anything for the further research. Or you can finish your conclusion with a question to your readers about the need to do any researches in the future. It’s good to discuss it with your professor.

Research papers writing is easy thanks to a complete guide on this page.

How not to write a research paper?

Most of the students make the same mistakes. The first is presence of grammar errors or misspelling. You can do a super great research and provide fantastic solutions to some problems, but you will spoil the overall impression. The next is procrastination. Most of the students are sure that they can manage cope with the task in one night before the deadline. And one more common mistake is using slangs and jargons. It’s an academic piece of writing, so mind you style.