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Case study writing service: make the right choice

  1. How to write a case study: a step-by-step guide
    1. Executive summary
    2. Findings
    3. Discussion
    4. Conclusion
    5. Recommendations
    6. Implementation
    7. References
    8. Appendices

A case study is a piece of writing that students complete by researching a place, fact, person or any other thing or living being. You will probably have only one subject of analysis in one paper. Depending on the specifics of the course that you are taking, you may choose either a quantitative, a qualitative research. You will have to describe how and why something has happened or describe some problems and offer solutions to them. It requires a comprehensive approach to conducting all the researches, so it’s good to begin your work right after you get the task.

We’re always here to offer you a case study help. We can assist you at any stage of the research or with the whole process from start to finish. All of our writers have a solid background of writing case studies in different subjects. We value your time, so our cooperation will look like the following:

  • A student places an order on the site and provides all the information about the task;
  • We pick up the most suitable writer for this very case study;
  • The student can discuss all the questions or problems with the writer;
  • The writer completes the task and provides the student with the case study;
  • The writer makes edits if required.

As you see, there’s nothing complicated in placing an order. But we’d like to give you not only the high-quality service, but the tips for writing a case study, so you will have a chance to cope with the task yourself.

A complete guide to writing a case study paper.

How to write a case study: a step-by-step guide

Let’s divide writing a case study paper into eight sections and we’ll describe each of them below.

Executive summary

Here you should provide your readers with an outline of the case study. You should make a description of the field. Make a brief description of any prior researches about the topic. Write what kind of research you are using for the case study. You can provide information about the assumptions that you have dame during or after the research. This summary should provide readers with a clear understanding of what they will see in the case study.


One of the steps of writing a case study paper is defining the problems in a specific case. You should find enough evidence that will support the problem and prove its importance. Don’t express the problem as something obvious. If you do this task and you think that it’s too easy for you, you should evaluate the problem from the point of view of your readers. If you have more than one problem, you should separate them and put them into different sections.

Start your preparation with the case study papers long before the deadline.


Another section of the case study papers is the summary of the problems and a description of any possible alternative variants of solutions. You don’t have to write huge paragraphs, it will be enough to have short outline. It’s good if you write about pros and cons of the alternative solutions. You will demonstrate your ability to analyse the problem from different angles.


Make a summary of the information provided in the Discussion and the Findings sections. The biggest mistake that you can ever make here is to provide any new ideas or suggestions. Don’t overload your readers with the information. Provide clear and precise statements that will fully describe your project.


Here you need to choose the most appropriate solution and explain your choice. Your goal here is to persuade your readers that your position is the right one. You can express your own position towards the problem, its significance for you and public, and the importance of choosing a specific solution. Most of the students don’t like writing a case study paper as it’s often hard to find the right words to express personal opinion about the problem and solution.

Start your case study writing with a proper planning.


Provide a few examples how and when your solutions can be used in real life. You can write what should be done prior to it. And don’t forget to write who can do this. The more detailed information you provide the better impression you will provide on the readers. You can provide a chronological succession of steps or you can make a list of steps required for implementing the solutions.


Here you should make a list of all the sources that you have used to write your case study. Mind that you should format them the right way according to the APA or MLA style. All f the resources should be reliable and have some credentials.


If there’s something that can fulfill the complete image of the case study and that doesn’t fit into the flow of information, you can place it here. It can be a chart or a table, or anything else that will help your readers either to understand the nature of the problem or the solutions that you want to implement.