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What is the research paper structure?

There are four main sections of the paper that you should use in your paper:

  • Introduction. Describe the importance of the problem and write a few words about the past investigations. Add a few words about the goals that you want to reach with the investigation.
  • Methods. You should write how you conduct the research and what tools you’re using if there are any. Write a few words about the strategy and state the methods that you are using.
  • Results. You should write about the research or experiment that you have conducted. Give the information about the participants or things that you have used. And write about the primary and secondary findings.
  • Discussion. Write where and when you can use the results of your research. You can also state opposite points of view if there are any. Write a few words if there’s need to investigate the topic in the future.
Place a thesis statement at the end of the research paper introduction.

How to start a research paper?

The rest of the paper will have a standard structure where you will state the theory and some practical sides of the story. Yout beginning of the text should impress the readers, so stating some bare facts won’t be enough. Add some emotional coloring or describe every figure and its importance for the readers.

The more value you give to your readers the more positive impression you will provide. Finish the paper introduction with the thesis statement that will reflect the topic and the main arguments from the body part of the paper. Of course, the very beginning is the title page for research paper, so don’t forget to make it as well.

Simple tips on how to write a conclusion for a research paper.

How to write a conclusion for a research paper?

A good conclusion should make your readers think about the topic of the research and have no doubt in the correctness of your results. Make a short summary of the key arguments from the body part of the paper. Rewrite the thesis and your suppositions about the results of the experiment.

You can write about the reasons for not reaching all your goals if you have this situation. Finish the paper with stating some predictions about the future. You can write how you see any experiments and provide a few reasons for conducting them. Or you can write if you plan to work on this topic further or not.